Easter Weekend in Washington, DC

Easter is an excellent time to spend a long weekend in Washington D.C. Flights are reasonably priced (domestic) and you can almost guarantee the weather. Most tourists will be schools tours also.

A four day trip to Washington D.C. can produce an action packed itinerary. After conducting some research, there is an incredible amount to things on the “to-do” list, outlined below.


Arlington National Cemetery


Arlington National Cemetery is a fitting memorial to those whom made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Tours are recommended to gain a complete experience. I tagged along to a walking tour provided by ‘Washington on Foot’. My guide was excellent, informative, knowledgeable and I would recommend this option to the reader. Try make this tour early in the morning for the changing of the guard at midday.

White House


The above picture was taken on Pennsylvania Ave. The other view from the from the front lawn is on E ST NW Street (This street provides a limited view). The view and ability to get so close is incredible from Pennsylvania Avenue. The White House is such an icon and historic building it was my first destination upon arrival.

Smithsonian Museums

The national mall is the hub off many of the Smithsonian Museums, regarded as some of the best museums in the world. Here is a summary of each museum I visited:

National Museum of American History – is underestimated as a museum and overdelivers. This museum really is excellent. Particular exhibitions of interest include ‘American Presidency’, ‘Star-Spangled Banner’, ‘Places of Innovation’ and ‘America on the Move’.

National Air and Space Museum – A showstopper of a museum. Awe will hit you the moment you step into this building. No one exhibition stands out in the museum, it all stands out with fond memories. It is also worth noting, the museum closes late some evenings if you want to miss the crowds.

National Gallery of Art – Standout piece of advice for the Art museum, the West building is excellent. The East building, don’t waste your time by visiting here.

National Museum of the American Indian – Start on the 4th floor (Lelawi Theater) and work your way down. The museum is ok.

National Museum of Natural History – Great for children. Expect to visit and be surrounded by school tours!

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum – Confusing layout and can be completed in a hour. There are only 2-3 exhibitions in this museum.

Beyond the Itinerary 

U.S. Capitol Tour


Pre-reservation is advised but not required. I just walked in and got a ticket on the day. You will get a walking tour of the building with a tour guide. Allow for 2hrs for the tour and it is complementary. There is no one thing I can pitch from the tour, it is just a generally awesome tour!

International Spy Museum


The International Spy Museum is something that is just of particular interest to me due to my fascination with James Bond. Interesting fact, I heard that DC has the highest concentration of Spys’ than any other location globally!

This is a two floor exhibition. The third floor covers the International Spy element of ‘Covers & Legends’, ‘School for Spies’, ‘The Secret History of History’ and ‘Spies Among Us’. The exhibition follows on to the first floor with them of ‘Exquisitely Evil’ and ’21st Century’. The first floor is primarily James Bond themed.

I found this Museum to be excellent, and if you have some spare time, visit.

Old Town Alexandria


Navigate to Old Town Alexandria via the Blue or Yellow line on the Metro. En-route, it is worth stopping at the Pentagon and particular the memorial to pay respects.

Upon arrival, a free King Street Trolly picks up at the station and will drop off at the the Pier. A visit to King Street is recommended due to the great shopping experience you will encounter, an escape from the city and on a warm summers day, there is no better place!

If you are looking for a bite to eat, I would recommend Daniel O’Connell’s Restaurant & Bar!



D.C. operates a great Metrorail system which can navigate you from Regan Airport to Old Town Alexandria to the Pentagon to the heart of Washington DC (National Mall) in L’Enfant Plaza. It really is an excellent service and I would recommend all transportation around the city via the Metrorail system.


I stayed at Downtown Washington Hostel, it was ok. It is in a good location. A free tram operates on the doorstep which will drop you to Union Station. I would recommend looking at an AirBnB which is close to a Metro stop.


Day-trip in Louisville, KY

Louisville is a destination people have told me that they pass through on route north to Chicago, or travelling south to Florida. In this blog post, I will outline just a few points of interest that should ensure a pit stop for fuel could turn into a great day exploring.

Falls of the Ohio State Park

I started the day with a walk across the Clark Memorial Bridge to the Falls of the Ohio State Park. The view, as you can see above, is spectacular.

IMG_6232 2

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory


First stop of the day is a trip to the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. Upon arrival you will be greeted with the worlds largest baseball bat, and it is easily 6-7 stories high!

The tour is self-guided up to the factory floor. An in-depth tour is provided every 10 minutes of the factory floor where you will learn more about the manufacturing of the bat from the woods of the North-East to seeing a bat made in 60 seconds to polishing and rubber stamping the Louisville Slugger logo. At the conclusion of the tour you will be provided with a miniature baseball bat (which costs $9 in the store!).

Whilst at the museum, I would recommend dropping in to the lego store opposite the ticket booth. Some of the works are incredible, like the piece below, Wrigley Field of the Chicago Cubs.


Muhammad Ali Center


Muhammad Ali was born and grew up in Louisville, Kentucky…I did not know that either! A beautiful and informative museum has in recent times been built. If you are not  a sports fan, this museum is still for you. The museum looks at themes such as spirituality, respect, conviction, giving, confidence and dedication further to sporting memorabilia and galleries.

Something of particular interest to the reader, in the above iconic image of Muhammad Ali, the boxing ring is that of the ring from the film based on his life, ‘Ali’.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)


When in Kentucky! This is the store out on 19th & W. Broadway – yes I walked out that far to be able to say I once went to a KFC in Kentucky!

Make St. Louis a 4th July destination!

Ahead of the 4th July celebrations I conducted research on possible destinations to spend the extended weekend. Of course, cities like Boston, Washington DC, New York and Chicago maintained a continual place in the top 10 list. St. Louis in Missouri caught my attention during the search process, and as it was a direct bus journey away, I booked.

I was not to be left disappointed.


I would recommend a 3 day visit to the city, but a pit stop along your Route 66 journey is a must. Here are some of the must-see sights when visiting.

Budweiser Brewery Experience


Located just outside of the city, I jumped on the #73 bus from Union Station. I undertook and would personally recommend the complementary tour which leaves every half hour. Sights on this tour include meeting the Clydesdale horses, tour of the stables, overview on what makes Budweiser, tour of the manufacturing floor and brewing process. On this tour you will also get a free sample and the tour concludes with a drink token for the outside biergarten. Why not wrap up the tour with a meal to go along with the beer? The menu is very reasonable priced and tastes great.

Cost: $0

Gateway Arch 


A great excuse for me to revisit the city is to tick off a visit to the top of the arch! If visiting for the 4th July weekend, book a ticket in advance.

Cost: $30 (Trip to the top + Boat Tour)

Forest Park:Fair St. Louis - 'America's Biggest Birthday Party'


Spend the day in Forest Park to take in the full St. Louis experience. Attractions include The Missouri History Museum (visit to learn more on the history of route 66), Saint Louis Zoo (America’s top free attraction) and the Saint Louis Art Museum. Also in close proximity to the park is the Saint Louis Science Centre.

When visiting for the 4th July weekend, activities will take place throughout the day with artists playing in the afternoon well into the evening with the conclusion of a firework display.

Cost: $0

Other Attractions
Where to Stay

I stayed in an Airbnb just off Manchester Avenue. Great area, close to the park and Central West End station on the Metro. Also within close proximity of Forest Park and is on the trail for Route 66!


Metro is the one stop shop for all transportation in and out of the city. Bus services also run under the Metro service, so a 1 day pass at $7 is great value if exploring for the day.

Greyhound operate bus services directly into the city from north, south, east and west of the country…so why not meet in St. Louis!

Have a great trip!









Digital Analytics

Digital analytics are core to business operations. Digital analytics intertwine into business operations today in areas from recruitment, to converting prospects into sales and improving business operations performance. Yet, according to EConsultancy, 62% of companies have no data analytics strategy. But let’s see how it is applied in reality, demonstrated in the below video’s:


You are currently reading on a WordPress blog! My placement company website, Seabrook Technology Group, is built on a WordPress site! WordPress has integrated its way into the internet structure in such a way that it now forms a branch on what is a tree. If you consider yourself a marketer it has been found that using blogging results in a 13x better return on investment on Search Engines. Furthermore, 79% of companies that have a blog report a positive ROI for inbound marketing.

Blogging can give a company or an online personality a platform to have more direct conversations with target customers. Blogging can also provide PR benefits, gaining more traction when sought be shared over a corporate press release. The final benefit cannot be underestimated and is invaluable – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Search engines crave new content, all of which will be indexed by Google, resulting in higher SEO rankings.

82% of marketers who blog daily acquired a customer using their blog, as opposed to 57% of marketers who blog monthly. As you can see from my video below, I struggle to even get around to blogging monthly! That said, from experience of project work, blogging daily at defined time intervals to a global clock can pay dividends. Further tips include the inclusion of categories, tags, an eye catching thumbnail and sharing across all social media channels.

The below video demonstrates the digital analytics I receive back from my series of blog posts. Digital analytics has provided me with the insight of identifying that Monday was the best day to post, with 8pm the best time to post. For an individual, this may be to subconsciously maximise likes on the post. In the case of a company, this will be the best time to gain shares and likes on a post with the highest audience reach.



The ultimate goal of Twitter for an individual or a company is to maximise engagement. This engagement should be measured in retweets, @[twitter username] replies and visits from the links posted in your tweets.
Getting set-up with analytics on Twitter is very straight forward and free! Personal recommendations of platforms include Sprout Social and Quintly. Quintly is the perfect tool for gaining an insight into follower-ship growth, notably those seeking to apply a follow-back strategy. Sprout Social examines the trend of data over a period of time for a more in-dept approach.


A social movement is occurring wherein companies and individuals are increasingly moving towards video as a means of connecting to users. YouTube has become the 2nd largest search engine – bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask & AOL combined. Building on this momentum, utilise YouTube when seeking to maximise views, subscriptions and likes on videos. Utilise digital analytics to examine the relationship between post time and top geographical view locations. Examine average video view duration and conduct research into your top geographical view locations online behaviour. One needs to be smart in this process. The Google Consumer Barometer is an excellent and accessible platform to conduct this research.


Digital analytics is the heart of MailChimp. In a previous blog, I have outlined the necessity of email marketing, but analytics is the form of gaining value from the platform. Case in point is a webinar campaign I am currently promoting with 422 subscribers, 8.9%  (33 ) opens and 1.6% (6) clicks. In commerce, and notably my position of event management and business development, MailChimp is excellent for digital analytics when seeking to gain insight into email blasts. Applied, you can see potential leads in those whom opened the email, lukewarm leads from those who clicked on the call to actions yet failed to registered and emails that bounced. Analytics is also provided on the most popular times to send the email blast. When conducting an analysis, seek to identify relationships such as the times when those whom opened also clicked to register.

Social Listening – Insight, Monitoring & Monetisation:

If seeking to manage engagement across multiple platforms, Hootsuite is the best option. Insight and monitoring from this engagement is suitable to platforms such as Brandwatch, Crimson Hexagon and Sysomos. Finally, analysis and benchmarking is perfect for my favourite platform, Quintly. Many of these platforms provide a free trial period – so my advise is to sign up and try for yourself.

Tools to aid in the initial steps in getting on the data analytics ladder include Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

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The Art & Necessity of E-mail Marketing

2017 is the year of email marketing. 1 in every 3 people globally use email, far exceeding those who use social media. The greatest benefit of it all, its free, if you can master the art.

2005, 2013 and 2015.

Traditional (Roman Catholic Church) meets Modern (Mobile Technology Devices). The image on the right depicts the cross over in one caption in a similar setting.

Email marketing is common place in business marketing operations. Companies such as HubSpot and Slack have developed in this space in recent years. Despite the growth of social media platforms and integration into business practice, traditional methods of digital marketing remain. Where we see the growth of digital overrun popularity in print media, TV content and retail, email has remained as consistent a platform today as it did back in the 1970’s. Why? quite simply, email marketing is the purest form of communications in the modern era. Email marketing is the ABC’s of the modern era. Think of the last time you picked up a pen and wrote a letter? No, you wrote an email or a text message.

Do’s & Don’t of Email Marketing

But how is all this applied in practice? Email marketing has formed the backbone of my work placement. MailChimp was the platform of choice, however it is not without its flaws. We found that when sending out email campaigns to 600+ recipients that emails were landing in the ‘Promotions’ tab of our recipients email, resulting in roughly 60 opened emails. Thus, we missed 90% of our target audience. Could MailChimp be nothing more than a platform to test if an email address bounces or not? After all, what value does the tool provide when its intended use is falling well short of expectations.

The first stop shop for all companies seeking to establish a email marketing strategy is to check their web reputation, which can be done so instantly on SenderBase. A neutral web reputation is the optimal result here.

Listed are some of the guidelines we followed when seeking to overcome the issues presented:


The key here is to make the spam filter believe you are acquainted with the person receiving your email. To achieve this, ensure your email blasts are sent through verified domains and/or send from a personal email address instead of a generic one (first.last@company.com over marketing@company.com), as seen below. A handy little trick also is to ask recipients to add your contact to their address book.


IP Address:

Spam filters will flag your IP address if you have sent spam through this IP previously. In the case of one of the most popular email management and delivery services, MailChimp, emails are delivered through MailChimp servers. Therefore, other users’ actions may affect your companies ability to deliver emails. An IP address issue can be overcome, however it is best practice a company should seek, and not a short term solution to a long term problem. Having run our email marketing campaigns through a Spam Checker, we identified that our IP address is on three blacklists.

Content & Formatting:

The importance of this heading cannot be underestimated. Content within the email such as images and PDF’s usually send warning signals, ultimately resulting in spam. Design needs to be clear and concise. An email consisting of external links can further raise the spam alarms. Area’s to be cautious of also include don’t use all caps, exclamation points, use video flash or Javascript, embed forms in your emails or include attachments. Finally, trigger words like ‘free’, ‘guarantee’, ‘no obligation’ and ‘reminder’.

The ability to opt out of a email blast is a legal requirement. Furthermore, emails should have a List-Unsubscriber header, which if it does not can be flagged for Spam.

Finally, emails should always include the physical address of the company.



A method of opt-in often helps prevent against spam. The double barrel of opt-in is best practice in the industry – that of collecting the users data through their voluntary input with a follow up email to confirm the content that recipient will receive. It is now a requirement for all users whom use the MailChimp platform to state to the recipient how they provided their email address to the company.

Spam Checkers:

Finally, before sending any email blast, run the email through a spam checker, being wary of the 60:40 rule of text to images. Free services of use include Mail-Tester and Is-Not-Spam. Having run our email address through free Spam checkers, we identified that the email campaigns we pushed out contained 16% text, significantly less than the 60% recommended.

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An introduction to Personal Branding (LinkedIn)

Kim Kardashian – what is she exactly famous for? Well we all know the why, but ultimately she has built upon that exposure by building on her personal branding. With a following of 85 million users, she has grown her popularity and following online through no apparent skill such as singing or sports professionals which make the top 10 followers list. Yet, Kim Kardashian teaches us all about the fundamentals of creating an online brand, which can be applied to our professional lives. These lessons include the importance of regular posting, remaining consistent, cleaver marketing and understanding your rational for being on the platform, all of which are discussed in the video below.

 Kim Kardashian discusses her online brand strategy.

As a platform, LinkedIn provides vast opportunities for all professionals, notably those seeking to expand their profile on a global scale to the growing 400 million users, as demonstrated in the below graphic.


LinkedIn is the most powerful platform for B2B and is of high consideration for B2C marketers. Best in the workplace, outside the workplace or seeking to get back into the workplace, LinkedIn provides a platform for all. According to Omobono, 79% of B2B marketers believe social media is an effective marketing channel. Whilst people are spending more and more time on social media channels, they are investing time on LinkedIn. Additionally, Oktopost outline that 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn.

So here it is, the essential guidelines to a professional personal brand on LinkedIn – continue to scroll!


Your page tells your viewer exactly what they need and want to know in a matter of minutes. A typo? Next person. With 400 million + members, what can you do to make your profile stand out? Keep the reader on your page for longer? Simple, personalise.


Under my educational section I have the normal text one could expect when describing a college degree. More interesting, the site visitor will click on the website link, watch the video on the programme and click into the photo. 24 hour later, the reader is much more likely to remember the video/article/picture over the text.


Today, more than 1 million people have published more than 3 million posts on LinkedIn. Publishing on LinkedIn provides you with a great opportunity to share ones professional expertise & experiences, industry trends and lessons learnt.


Some of the key metrics to analysis when posting is the post views and consequential profile views, the user demographics and the likes, shares and comments that follow the post. Demonstrated above, in November 2016 I published a post on my masters graduation. This resulted in 53 likes, 3 comments and over 250 views of the post. Those whom interacted with the post included managing directors, CEO’s and Executive Deans. Get the message right, at the right time, and most importantly develop on the interaction. This is an open door opportunity.


Buzz phrases of 2017 include ‘joining the conversation’ and ‘establishing thought leadership’. LinkedIn provides a ease of access into these groups and to a vast network. Within these groups, begin discussions with other user or at the very least contribute to discussion. Spark discussion but be carefully to avoid self-promotion and ultimately seek to become a thought-leader. Remember, the conversation does not stop on LinkedIn. Carry the conversation off-line.


How do you know when you are aiding in your attempt to build your personal online brand? Reference the above and follow suit.

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European City Getaways: Paris

Paris is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in not only Europe, but the world. A 2-hour flight from most European city capitals, here’s an essential overview on how to capture the city in 3-4 days with an overview of some of the must see and spectacular sights of the city. Also included is some useful advice on how to navigate around the city, with tips on how to minimize expense for those seeking to explore on a budget.

#1 Sacre-Coeur/Montmartre/Moulin Rouge

First port of call for all visitors to the city should be the Montmartre region, especially for those whom fly into Charles de Gaulle.

Sacre-Coer is a free visit trip around the church, with mass frequently offered. I opted for the hike to the very top, all 350 steps.   These steps are a struggle but the view from the top is mesmerizing, I’d go as far to suggest the best of Paris. Entry is €6.

Montmartre is the district of Paris wherein you can find Moulin Rouge within a walking distance. A tourist hotspot, but also a tourist trap. I was warned before the trip to mind my belongings, and of all places visited, I felt my personal belongings were most at threat here. Walking around the streets in Montmartre was without doubt a highlight. It felt like the real Paris, with small intimidating restaurants. Starting your break away in this region is highly recommended.

#2 Eiffel Toweref

Well you have to go really, don’t you! A sight from every angle once within the city. In fact, it is very difficult to take an outdoor image without the backdrop of the tower.

My plan of action for this tourist attraction was to walk up to the 2nd floor (€5 admission fee) and then get a lift to the top (€6 fee). Direct elevators to the top are possible but at a further expense and with a lengthy queue. Stairwells are actually very quite and not much of a struggle to hike. The biggest struggle I encountered was tackling the ascend in the midday heat. Through this path you can also fully appreciate the structure. I downloaded some great free audioguides to listen up upon ascending the tower which greatly added to the experience.

#3 Palace of Versailles

Vast. I was told that this is a must see for my trip, and I would tend to agree. That said, depending on the number of days you have in Paris, the palace and gardens of Versailles requires a full day excursion. I grabbed a train from the city out at €3 each way. Such is the scale of the palace, I only managed to take in the gardens and out houses, at a cost of €7, however EU citizens can gain entry for free on days when the water shows are not on. A little tip I would give is to invest time exploring the gardens, which stretch as far as the eye can see. The groundskeepers and maidens gardens are particularly pretty and secluded from tourists. When planning in advance, it is important to note that most of Versailles is not open on a Monday.

Tip: Under 26 and hold an EU Passport? Get in for Free! Just bring your Passport along with you!

#4 Musee d’Orsay/Louvre

The final two highlights of Musee d’Orsay, The Louvre and Notre Dame can all be done on the same day and are all within walking distance of each-other. My recommendation would be to go to Notre Dame in the morning, Musee d’Orsay in the afternoon and then save the Louvre until the evening (Note it is open until 9:45 pm on a Wednesday and Friday).

Musee d’Orsay was my personal favourite of the two, with a much nicer layout. The Louvre is horribly laid out and quite frustrating. That said, if one was pushed for time I would recommend Musee d’Orsay. Art lovers should be directed to Musee d’Orsay, tourists looking for selfies with the Mona Lisa should be directed to the Louvre.

Tip: Under 25 and hold an EU Passport? Get in for Free! Just bring your Passport along with you!

#5 Notre Dame


Navigation throughout the heart of Paris can be guided with the aid of the River Seine. At the most easterly point of the city centre is the Notre Dame cathedral. The cathedral is quite similar to Sacre-Coer, with the slight draw back of the views elevation over the city not placing this attraction higher up the list. Well worth a visit and you can go right up into the Bell Tower.

Tip: Go up to the top of Notre Dame upon arrival. The entrance is actually to the left front facing. Groups of 20 go up at any given time, so expect to wait. Queing up straight away will save 30 mins to an hour, wherein the queue to the cathedral is fast moving.

Tip: Under 26 and hold an EU Passport? Get in for Free! Just bring your Passport along with you!


DCU Business School trip to China 2016


A brief overview of my trip to China with DCU Business School in May/June of 2016. First stop Shanghai for three days, then a bullet train up to Beijing for the remainder of the trip. This blog will cover some of the highlights of my experience.


Top 5 Visits of Shanghai:

  1. The Bund: Day, sunset and at night – this area was fantastic.




2. Jingan Temple & Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple: Two beautiful temples surrounded by the Skyline of Shanghai.



3. Pearl Tower: Not quite the tallest observation deck I have stood on (Sears Tower (Left) – 412m vs. Oriental Pearl Tower (Right) – 350m), but still fantastic views.

4. International Markets: An area where everyone is your friend, everyone will do you a good price and you get handed a calculator to suggest the price you will pay. They don’t like you trying on football jerseys though, I found that out soon enough! Football jerseys, watches, iPhones, tailored suits, sunglasses, you name it, its under this roof!

5. Qibao, Shanghai: Nice little market town with canals.



  1. Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Rail (Bullet Train): The group travelled from Shanghai to Beijing via a Bullet Train, averaging a speed of 302km/h. 1,318 kilometers covered in exactly 5 hours.


2. Bike tour of Beijing: Easily my favourite activity of the trip. For 5 hours we cycled 25km around the streets of Beijing, and during sunset. Beijing is actually relatively flat which made the experience more manageable!


3. The Great Wall of China: The uphill,  sweaty, stopping every 5 minutes great wall of China. It is a fantastic sight but a hike, and full of tourists. We went up the Badaling route, which took roughly 1 hour. We got a slide back down, not gonna lie! Didn’t even know there was a slide!


4. Tiananmen Square: is huge. Again, a tourist trap. Steeped in history, very pleasant experience walking through the temples. At the end, I would highly recommend the small hike up Jingshan Park for an overview of the temple of heaven and Beijing skyline.



5. Chinese Delicatessen: Not your average food markets in China, the pictures may prove this point. But I will include some of the more saveable dishes.



54 hours to take an idea, with people from various backgrounds, and run with it. An insight into my first Hackathon, #HackDCU. 


Day 1 – Introduction & Brainstorm 

“It’s not about idea’s, it’s about making ideas happen”

Hackathon’s provide people the opportunity to learn, network, build and most importantly have fun. Often, they provide the opportunity to meet a potential co-founder for a business. Hack DCU saw the coming together of young leaders, designers, developers and innovators to create a feasible business which solves an entrepreneurial challenge.


Once introductions and ice-breakers had been made those who had an idea to pitch were asked to do so in a 30 second space. Here is an insight into some of the key observations made from listening to 30+ pitches at 30 seconds each….

  • Trends: A common trend noted amongst the ideas pitched were those of App’s and Websites. Every entrepreneur that pitched their idea sought a technical person or a designer, of which were difficult to come by. This is almost a mirror reflection on the jobs market today.
  • Environment: In excess of 20 individuals pitched a potential business idea to the room. Most notably, some people pitched ideas to the room that they thought of on the spot. Incredibly, one of these ideas was chosen. Create an environment where it is ok to put yourself out there, you never know what might happen.
  • People: It became clear to me early on whilst hearing pitches of what I was looking for in the Hackathon over the weekend, a great leader and a great team. My three idea shortlist was chosen based upon the fact that I felt I could work with the CEO over the weekend to bring their vision to reality. I believed in the person as much as the idea.

Team 5 – ‘Wink’ – “The newest online flirting app. Send and receive winks to those in your location. Act on Impulse, Act on attraction & get winking”.

Day 1 Interesting Fact: Before the Hackathon even began I met the person who took over my Intra position, which lead to a great throwback to the memories we had in the job.

Day 2 – Let’s get to work

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Over the night a Facebook group and Group Chat has been set up by the founders. A survey has been created with 60 responses prior to coming in for the morning session. An e-Mail account had been set up and the founders went into day two will a clear plan of action.


‘Wink’ hit the ground running. Before the first morning speaker a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account has been established. The group also established a fundraising account.

The founders of ‘Wink’ sought to get the App developed post-hackaton. You have to be realistic with time-frames in a Hackathon. The goals of the day included establishing a social media presence, seeking funding to get the app off the group, create a video to promote the app and develop a blue-print upon which the app can be developed.


In the evening we planned for the presentation ahead however at a briefing it dawned upon us that we were slightly off where the Hackathon expected us to be at. Focus required us to shift towards having a product and market research to pitch. The team leaders identified two groups of pairs to conduct primary research out in the field. Late in the evening the focus shifted towards potential revenue models, which stirred much discussion. At the same time, and quite excitingly, progress was being made on developing the app. 24 hours prior, this app was just a concept drawn with wireframes on some software.


Day 3 – Let’s smash this

“Designing a presentation without the audience in mind is like writing a love letter to ‘whom it may concern’ “

The final day began with preparation for the pitch. All goals set out by the team leaders were achieved over the weekend. The app was in development for both the Android and App store. The most important goal for the team leaders today was to pitch their idea proposition as best they could, whilst receiving feedback on how best to carry the idea forward.


A pitch presentation was provided to the team looking at a number of areas to cover in a tight 4 minute pitch. Preparation for the presentation begun. Time and deadlines became the major barrier over the next few hours. Topics to be covered in the pitch include a problem/solution scenario, sell yourself and how you are better than competitors.

Final Prep

Within the next 30 mins, ‘Wink’ will present to the DCU Ryan Academy….

Thinking CAO? Think The New DCU

8 reasons why any Leaving Certificate or Mature student should have DCU on their CAO application form before the deadline on Monday 1st February.



  1. Small Campus, Big Community, Bright Future

DCU has now transformed into “The New DCU”. Quite simply, first year students of St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra (SPD), Mater Dei Institute of Education (MDI) and Church of Ireland College of Education (CICE) are now DCU students. Students will benefit from expanded services in counselling, work placement, careers, financial assistance, sports and health, chaplaincy and disability and learning support, and will avail of a new student centre to be built on the DCU Glasnevin Campus and a new student health centre which has opened on the DCU St Patrick’s campus.

st pats dcu.jpg

DCU student population consists of 13,000 students (16,000 over three academic campuses) from the four corners of Ireland. DCU is Ireland’s fastest growing University. Students over the next few years will benefit from the new DCU Student Centre to be built on the DCU Glasnevin Campus, which will be the focal point for all student social activities.

dcu hub



DCU is credited with the introduction of a work placement programme into university practices. The primary reason I placed DCU Business (DC111) over Commerce in UCD was Intra. Intra gives DCU students the opportunity to gain practical work experience during their studies. DCU will assist you through the entire process, and student will graduate with practical industry experience. DCU Intra companies include KPMG, LinkedIn and Intel. Between 40-50% of DCU students that graduated from my undergraduate class began their career path at an Intra employer, a testament to the success of the programme. Over 70% of DCU undergraduate students study for a year overseas or gain an integrated and accredited work placement as part of their degree programme.

3. DCU Sport

Sport and DCU go hand in hand, whether you are looking to improve your personal fitness in DCU Sports Gym or join one of the many sports teams, DCU caters for all ages and abilities. DCU Sports Centre has been named Ireland’s ‘Sports Centre of the Year’ three times and also nominated as ‘Best Sports Facility’ at the Sports Industry Awards 2015. DCU Gym offer 65 fitness classes delivered by a great team of fitness coaches in a fitness centre of over 100 pieces of equipment.

DCU Sport.jpgDCU Sport 2

Students can also benefit from the DCU Sports Academy, which focuses on GAA and Athletics. DCU has experienced success on both the track and field in the past year. DCU performed strong in the intervarsities last year whilst also winning the Sigerson Cup, champions in three of the past five years of the competition. DCU boasts two GAA fields, two Soccer pitches, one Rugby pitch, ten tennis courts, a rock climbing wall, two squash courts, a sprint track, basketball court and six Astro pitches. DCU campus facilitates all sports you can think of and more!


4. DCU Club’s & Societies


Home to ‘Ireland’s Best Society 2015‘ (DCU MPS), DCU is famed for the success of its Societies. There are 75 Societies in DCU and the best thing to do is throw yourself into any one of them, if not, set up your own! Societies include Global Brigades DCU, Africa Soc, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Soc, Harry Potter Soc, R.A.G. (Raising and Giving) and many many more.


Clubs provide a great opportunity for students to get involved in the sporting aspect of DCU life. 42 clubs allow students to get involved in sports such as Ultimate Frisbee, Surf ‘n Sail, Boxing and both mens and women GAA. DCU Ladies Football are current League Division 1 and 3 champions, DCU Mens Football are the current Sigerson Cup Champions and Ryan Cup Champions .


5. Graduate Opportunities

“DCU graduates are highly sought after by employers” (Irish Universities Association). 92% of DCU graduates are in full time employment or further study within 6 months of graduating. Not only are you going to have a great time during your time in DCU, opportunities as a graduate of this university are vast. DCU will help you along every step of the way.

Notable Alumni undergraduates include Laura Whitmore (Journalism), Neil Delamere (Computer Applications), Ardal o’Hanlon (Communications), Matt Cooper (Journalism) and Taoiseach Enda Kenny (Primary Teaching).

6. Young University recognised on the Global Stage

DCU Business School is currently in the final stages of the application of becoming AACBS accredited. Quite simply, this would place DCU Business School amongst the top 5% of the world’s business schools.

“AACSB-accredited schools are considered to be the best business schools in the world. Their undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate degree programs have passed rigorous standards for quality. AACSB-accredited schools have better programs, better faculty, better students with higher overall GPAs, more international students, more employers that recruit from them, and graduates that receive better salaries.”

Not bad, when you consider DCU is Ireland’s only university placed in the top 50 universities under the age of 50. DCU also ranks amongst the top 200 most outward-looking  international universities in 2016.

7. Uaneen Module

Unique to DCU, this module gives you the student the opportunity to be recognised for the work you do outside the classroom environment, be it volunteering in the community or playing for your local GAA team etc. Get involved from the beginning and reflect upon it at the end, see how the story plans out! Uaneen is a great talking point on any students CV and often can distinguish you from other candidates in a job interview.

8. DCU Support

Making the transition from school to university or the workplace back into education can be a daughting prospect, but once you arrive on the doorstep, comprehensive support will be provided to you if and when required.

DCU founded and operate the largest Access Programme of any university in Ireland with over 1,000 Access students on campus in 2015, myself included. 93% of DCU Access Programme students go on to complete their third level education studies. The Access Programme has provided me with financial assistance, an introduction to two mentorship programmes (eBay and Google) and consultation in first year. I am also the recipient of the Access Accommodation Scholarship this year, supporting me through my masters. The Access Programme provides Leaving Certificate students an opportunity to study at third level, an opportunity I am forever grateful to receive.

DCU provides student support and development in areas such as Careers, Access, Mature Students, Disability & Learning Support, International Students, Counselling Services, Health service and a Student Advice Centre.

Your choice, your future.

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