DCU Business School trip to China 2016


A brief overview of my trip to China with DCU Business School in May/June of 2016. First stop Shanghai for three days, then a bullet train up to Beijing for the remainder of the trip. This blog will cover some of the highlights of my experience.


Top 5 Visits of Shanghai:

  1. The Bund: Day, sunset and at night – this area was fantastic.




2. Jingan Temple & Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple: Two beautiful temples surrounded by the Skyline of Shanghai.



3. Pearl Tower: Not quite the tallest observation deck I have stood on (Sears Tower (Left) – 412m vs. Oriental Pearl Tower (Right) – 350m), but still fantastic views.


4. International Markets: An area where everyone is your friend, everyone will do you a good price and you get handed a calculator to suggest the price you will pay. They don’t like you trying on football jerseys though, I found that out soon enough! Football jerseys, watches, iPhones, tailored suits, sunglasses, you name it, its under this roof!


5. Qibao, Shanghai: Nice little market town with canals.



  1. Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Rail (Bullet Train): The group travelled from Shanghai to Beijing via a Bullet Train, averaging a speed of 302km/h. 1,318 kilometers covered in exactly 5 hours.


2. Bike tour of Beijing: Easily my favourite activity of the trip. For 5 hours we cycled 25km around the streets of Beijing, and during sunset. Beijing is actually relatively flat which made the experience more manageable!


3. The Great Wall of China: The uphill,  sweaty, stopping every 5 minutes great wall of China. It is a fantastic sight but a hike, and full of tourists. We went up the Badaling route, which took roughly 1 hour. We got a slide back down, not gonna lie! Didn’t even know there was a slide!


4. Tiananmen Square: is huge. Again, a tourist trap. Steeped in history, very pleasant experience walking through the temples. At the end, I would highly recommend the small hike up Jingshan Park for an overview of the temple of heaven and Beijing skyline.



5. Chinese Delicatessen: Not your average food markets in China, the pictures may prove this point. But I will include some of the more saveable dishes.




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