An introduction to Personal Branding (LinkedIn)

Kim Kardashian – what is she exactly famous for? Well we all know the why, but ultimately she has built upon that exposure by building on her personal branding. With a following of 85 million users, she has grown her popularity and following online through no apparent skill such as singing or sports professionals which make the top 10 followers list. Yet, Kim Kardashian teaches us all about the fundamentals of creating an online brand, which can be applied to our professional lives. These lessons include the importance of regular posting, remaining consistent, cleaver marketing and understanding your rational for being on the platform, all of which are discussed in the video below.

 Kim Kardashian discusses her online brand strategy.

As a platform, LinkedIn provides vast opportunities for all professionals, notably those seeking to expand their profile on a global scale to the growing 400 million users, as demonstrated in the below graphic.


LinkedIn is the most powerful platform for B2B and is of high consideration for B2C marketers. Best in the workplace, outside the workplace or seeking to get back into the workplace, LinkedIn provides a platform for all. According to Omobono, 79% of B2B marketers believe social media is an effective marketing channel. Whilst people are spending more and more time on social media channels, they are investing time on LinkedIn. Additionally, Oktopost outline that 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn.

So here it is, the essential guidelines to a professional personal brand on LinkedIn – continue to scroll!


Your page tells your viewer exactly what they need and want to know in a matter of minutes. A typo? Next person. With 400 million + members, what can you do to make your profile stand out? Keep the reader on your page for longer? Simple, personalise.


Under my educational section I have the normal text one could expect when describing a college degree. More interesting, the site visitor will click on the website link, watch the video on the programme and click into the photo. 24 hour later, the reader is much more likely to remember the video/article/picture over the text.


Today, more than 1 million people have published more than 3 million posts on LinkedIn. Publishing on LinkedIn provides you with a great opportunity to share ones professional expertise & experiences, industry trends and lessons learnt.


Some of the key metrics to analysis when posting is the post views and consequential profile views, the user demographics and the likes, shares and comments that follow the post. Demonstrated above, in November 2016 I published a post on my masters graduation. This resulted in 53 likes, 3 comments and over 250 views of the post. Those whom interacted with the post included managing directors, CEO’s and Executive Deans. Get the message right, at the right time, and most importantly develop on the interaction. This is an open door opportunity.


Buzz phrases of 2017 include ‘joining the conversation’ and ‘establishing thought leadership’. LinkedIn provides a ease of access into these groups and to a vast network. Within these groups, begin discussions with other user or at the very least contribute to discussion. Spark discussion but be carefully to avoid self-promotion and ultimately seek to become a thought-leader. Remember, the conversation does not stop on LinkedIn. Carry the conversation off-line.


How do you know when you are aiding in your attempt to build your personal online brand? Reference the above and follow suit.

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