Day-trip in Louisville, KY

Louisville is a destination people have told me that they pass through on route north to Chicago, or travelling south to Florida. In this blog post, I will outline just a few points of interest that should ensure a pit stop for fuel could turn into a great day exploring.

Falls of the Ohio State Park

I started the day with a walk across the Clark Memorial Bridge to the Falls of the Ohio State Park. The view, as you can see above, is spectacular.

IMG_6232 2

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory


First stop of the day is a trip to the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. Upon arrival you will be greeted with the worlds largest baseball bat, and it is easily 6-7 stories high!

The tour is self-guided up to the factory floor. An in-depth tour is provided every 10 minutes of the factory floor where you will learn more about the manufacturing of the bat from the woods of the North-East to seeing a bat made in 60 seconds to polishing and rubber stamping the Louisville Slugger logo. At the conclusion of the tour you will be provided with a miniature baseball bat (which costs $9 in the store!).

Whilst at the museum, I would recommend dropping in to the lego store opposite the ticket booth. Some of the works are incredible, like the piece below, Wrigley Field of the Chicago Cubs.


Muhammad Ali Center


Muhammad Ali was born and grew up in Louisville, Kentucky…I did not know that either! A beautiful and informative museum has in recent times been built. If you are not  a sports fan, this museum is still for you. The museum looks at themes such as spirituality, respect, conviction, giving, confidence and dedication further to sporting memorabilia and galleries.

Something of particular interest to the reader, in the above iconic image of Muhammad Ali, the boxing ring is that of the ring from the film based on his life, ‘Ali’.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)


When in Kentucky! This is the store out on 19th & W. Broadway – yes I walked out that far to be able to say I once went to a KFC in Kentucky!


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